Surge Defender

surgedefenderSurge Defender helps you find and book an Uber ride at the lowest possible surcharge rate – at any location, any time, anywhere in the world!

Simply choose your location, how far you are willing to walk for the lowest surcharge, and the type of Uber ride you would like to take. Then with a single button click, the surcharge rate is locked in and the final booking confirmation is performed in the Uber app.

Why is this app a must have? The Uber app at peak periods may present a surcharge to entice drivers onto the roads. For example, a ride booked via the Uber app, with a surcharge of 1.7x, may cost you $30. Alternatively, using Surge Defender, you could discover that 20 meters from you, the surcharge is only 1.3x. If you took that rate, your trip would have only costed you $23. That’s a saving of $7! The savings are even higher when Surge Defender finds you a surcharge of 1x.

So change the way you book your next ride. Don’t overpay. Ride smart. Beat the surge!

New features are coming soon and all feedback is welcomed. If you have a suggestion or feature that you would like for the app, simply review and leave a comment on the App Store.



Shape Stack

icon-1024Get ready for the ultimate rush in casual gaming for a thrill that will leave you wanting more and more. Build your crates into the grandest of fortified towers, that weather the greatest of obstacles and raise them up to the skies.

Be smart, be creative, be quick! Watch out for falling crates, discard them before they bring on about your demise. Drop them, rotate them but most of all, stack them!

● Amazing 2D physics
● Single touch, easy to use gestures
● Unforgiving exploding crates
● Think ahead and build up combos for massive scores
● Made a mistake? Undo your last crate
● Rotate your crates for those tough to fill in places
● Pass the challenges for bonuses
● Aim for that perfectly aligned stack
● Vivid and vibrant colours

Can you Shape Stack??


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